What To Bring To Your Tax Appointment

By Lexi Goulden 10 months ago

Its Tax Time again and we are already one week in. Phone is ringing hot and there seems to be a Common theme in the questions that are being asked when clients are booking in their appointments. What do I need to bring?

It’s not something we learn at school or anywhere for that fact, That is how to do your taxes, so you rely on your Accountant to be able to guide you. So, I thought I would compile a short list to get you on your way, whether you’re new to taxes or if you can’t remember what you need to bring with you.

First thing first your Payment Summary (also known as your Group Certificate) all of them, and don’t forget if you worked for someone for one week last July you will need the payment summary from them also. They have until the 14th of July for you to issue them. Any other income you may have earned for example Interest from your savings accounts, and dividends.

If you receive any Centrelink income their Payment Summaries are usually not posted out to you but available on MyGov or can be accessed by your Accountant via the ATO Portal. These usually aren’t available until the 14th of July so if you receive Centrelink income make sure you don’t make your appointment before this date.

Records of any deductions. As your accountant, we don’t necessarily need to see every single receipt you have but in the case of an ATO Audit or Review make sure you have them ready on hand for proof. We do however would like to see records of kms traveled, Diary evidence for percentages used etc.

Don’t forget the 3 main rules in claiming deductions, you have to have spent it to claim it , it must be directly related to your job and you must NOT have been reimbursed for the claim.

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