Getting more bang for your buck!

By Lexi Goulden 3 years ago

1. Budget

This will always be number one on iny list, the second you set a budget and discipline yourself the better you will be at being able to stretch your pay. For budgeting tips see my earlier post on Simple Budgeting.

2. Stock Up

Buying in bulk is the easiest way to save money, but only if its things you need. For example you will always need toilet paper, laundry powder etc, so buy them when the specials are ridiculously good, these are things that will last, I dont suggest you bulk buy lettuce. Its always good to know your prices too at the supermarket so you know a bargain when you see one.

3. Minimalism

This is a term used for cutting down non necessary items in your life. For example if you have unlimited internet access at home but only use 50GB downloads a month, maybe shop around for someone that offers 50 – 100 GB downloads at much cheaper cost. Other items you can minimise are eating out, phone bills, Foxtel etc.

4. Discount Codes and Coupons

Although these are usually a marketing tactic, sometimes you genuinely can get a good deal. Again it’s always best you know your prices so you know you are getting a good deal and remember it’s only a bargain if you were buying it before you saw the discount or you truly need it.

5. Plan and Prep Meals

Planning and prepping lunches and dinners are always a good idea for stretching your money further, if you do that you will at least use up everything you have in the fridge before you purchase anything else, my Mother always taught me to adventure cook as well (cook with whatever you got in the fridge and get creative). Cooking in big lots too can also be cost effective and time effective, by freezing portions for a later date.

6. Avoid Bank Fees

If your paying bank fees on your accounts, stop right now! You can either find a bank that gives you no monthly fees (most do this if you deposit your wages into it) or speak to your bank about it, they usually will waver fees if they think you are going to switch banks.

7. Interest Free Credit Cards

If you are currently paying interest on your credit card, and can not immediately pay it off then I suggest you find an interest free credit card, not only will you save money but you will pay it off sooner as well. For more detailed info on this see my earlier post.

8. Brand Names does not equal Quality

You don’t have to buy brand name to get the same thing, most of the time it’s made In the same factory anyway, it just doesn’t look the same so it’s sold off as a cheaper generic brand. I do admit some foods don’t taste the same but when using things like milk, butter, flour, cleaning cloths etc you wouldn’t really know the difference.

9. Off Peak/Discount Holidays

Traveling in off peak times and using deals on websites like will always save you a bucket load of cash, this is not for everyone as these times may not suit, but always shop around before booking anything there are always deals going on.

10. Bartering

Most people don’t know this but you can almost barter for anything even here in Australia, you probably wouldn’t do this at a supermarket, but when buying big ticket items, like tvs or computers, it’s always worth asking if they can do a better price, especially if somewhere else is selling it cheaper.

11. Trinature cleaning products

If you haven’t heard of these products get onto it, they are non toxic concentrated cleaning products that last a lifetime and are not costly at all. I bought the multipurpose cleaner for around $29 and four years later I’ve only just had to restock. The dishwashing powder is also around $30 and lasts around 1.5 – 2 years. They also sell many other products and always have special bundles every month check out

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